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NFL Videos

NFL 2015 Scouting Combine

2015 NFL Combine - Bench Press

2015 NFL Combine - Chris Conley Vertical and Broad Jump

2015 NFL Combine - Phillip Dorsett 40 Yard Dash

NFL Combine - 3 Cone Drill

NFL Combine - Shuttle Run Drill

NFL Combine - WR Drills

NFL Combine - QB Drills

NFL Combine - RB Drills

NFL Combine Drills 2015 - DB Drills

NFL Scouting Combine - Defensive Linemen Drills

NFL Scouting Combine - Linebacker Drills

Leonard Williams 2015 NFL Scouting Combine - Defensive Linemen

Pro Day

Ha Ha Clinton-Dixon - Alabama Pro Day 2014 DB Drills

West Virgina Proday 2014 - LB/DL Drills

Ohio State WR at Pro Day

Melvin Gordon Wisconsin Pro Day Workout

Offensive Linemen, Bavatunde-Aiyegbusi - UTSA Pro Day Workout

Game and Scouting Combine Highlights

Ohio State RB Ezekiel Elliot Game Highlights

Melvin Gordon 2015 NFL Scouting Combine Highlights

Jameis Winston 2015 NFL Scouting Combine Highlights


Submit your football Combine Grading Drills and game highlight video(s) to for Posting…  Scouts Across the Nation can Evaluate your Skills and Abilities…


This will help teams or scouts to better gauge a player's physical attributes.

• Height
• Arm Length
• Weight
• Hands Size

This is to test both a player's strength and physical endurance. A player will press a weighted bar of 225 pounds for as many reps as they can. More than 25 reps is very good.

This will test a player's lower body explosion and strength. A player will first reach up as high as they can from a standing position, the mark is recorded. Then the player will jump as high as they can and touch the highest point. The difference between the highest point and reach determines your vertical jump.

This will test a player's lower-body explosion and lower-body strength. A player starts out in a balance stance and then jump forward as far as he can. This drill tests both explosion and balance as the player has to land without moving for the jump to count.

The scouts are looking for explosion from a static start and how quickly a player can accelerate to top speed. Players are timed at 10, 20, and 40 yard intervals. 4.5 seconds or lower is very good.

This will test a player's ability to change directions at a high speed. Three cones are set up in a L-shape; a player starts by going 5 yards to the first cone as fast as they can and then back. Then turns, runs around the second cone, runs a weave around the third cone, which is the high point of the L, changes direction, comes back around that second cone and finishes.

This will test a player's lateral quickness and explosion over short distances. A player starts in a 3-point stance, explodes out 5 yards to one side, touches the line, goes back 10 yards the other way, touches the line, then turn and sprint 5 more yards back to the starting point to finish.

Football Combine Grading Scores:

Grade Title Draft(Round) Description

96 - 100

Future Hall of Famer

Top Pick

Once-in-a-Generation Player

85 - 95

Immediate Starter


Impact Player (Pro Bowl)

70- 84

Eventual Starter

2nd - 3rd

Quality/Reliable Player will Contribute Early

50 - 69

Draftable Player

4th - 7th

Back-Up Player/Special Teams

20 - 49

Free Agent


Developing Skills/Practice Squad

* Undrafted Free Agent